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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Online Monitoring Tool (OMT) Update

Till end of Nov 2011, the total registration has reached 60,444 from across 30 States. During the month of Nov 2011, a total of 611 CSCs were registered out of which Maharashtra contributed 160 registrations. Around 81,342 CSC IDs across 30 States and around 300 IDs have been created for users to login using the online monitoring system. 

Gujarat with 12,373, Maharashtra with 7075, Madhya Pradesh with 5989, Uttar Pradesh with 5182 and West Bengal with 4607 were the five lead states where over 4000 CSC registrations have been recorded. The progress of registration has slightly shown improvement over the previous month. During the current month 611 CSCs were registered and out of these 160 CSCs were contributed by Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh contributed 134 CSCs.

Webex training for the SCAs for the state of Madhya Pradesh was conducted on 25th Nov 2011 and the CSC- OMT registrations, monitoring the Uptime were explained by OMT team. Also  OMT Team is scheduled to visit Manipur and Mizoram to impart training to the newly appointed SCAs during Dec 2011.  


  1. but when goin to uplift this centers . no support at local level from govt offices

  2. The public private partnership means equal status for both, moreover the csc entrepreneur are the investors they should be heard before a project starts through the csc"s.I suspect certain government officials are still working in the departments as they are in the year 1947.In kerala most of the csc"s are not doing well.We are still waiting to see a good tomorrow for us.
    with regards
    sreekumar mullayil
    Centre Director
    akshaya aroor,alappuzha kerala

  3. The agreement executed between an entreprener and the sca should be a transparent one and should be in a manner which should not harm the entrepreneurs in their daily activities and their investments.In kerala there is a draconian order which says if akshaya(csc) entrepreneur is not coming for project training in what ever reasons they will not be given projects.A nominee of the akshaya(csc) entrepreneur should be allowed for carrying out all akshaya(csc) activities.Authorities who see this mail do the needful for us

  4. In the recent order given by the akshaya director which states that only akshaya entrepreneurs should be allowed to attend the training.The order itself is against all existing laws prevailing in this country.The director may have his own justification for the order,but it should be removed or a sub clause should be added to make others to participate.A nominee of the akshaya entrepreneurs should be allowed to attend/participate in all akshaya (csc) activities.
    centre Director
    akshaya(csc) aroor
    alappuzha kerala